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Vitality Nutrition Assesments

Earn up to 10 000 Vitality points by completing your Vitality Nutrition Assessments (VNA).


Your 30-minute VNA can be done up to 3 times each year, earning you 5000 points for the first visit  and 2500 points each for the second and third visit. It is not compulsory to attend all three consultations. Vitality points will be awarded for each consultation separately.


Each Vitality Nutrition consultation costs R340 for each person (2016 rates). You will need to pay this on the day of the consultation. If you have a Discovery Health Plan with a Medical Savings Account and available funds, you can claim this amount back from the Scheme (if there is no waiting period). If you are a Discovery Life policyholder, you will need to pay for the Vitality Nutrition consultations yourself.


Please note that the VNA is not a full dietary consultation, but rather an assessment designed by Discovery as part of their Vitality rewards program. If you want a personalised and detailed meal plan please discuss this directly with the dietitian. This does not form part of the Vitality Nutrition Consultation and will cost extra .

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